Quick look at the WP REST API

20th August 2015

Since the birth of WordPress in May 2003, WordPress has always been a blogging platform, initially developed as a quick and easy out of the box platform to start a blogging website. This was great and since then WordPress has gone from strength to strength attracting many users.

The problem that we now face as developers is due to the inflexibility of WordPress and the issue that it was never developed to manage large complex websites, which in turn has driven some developers away or caused a lot of developers some HUGE headaches (me being one of them).

But WordPress have not given up and have a very exciting prospect on the horizon!

Introducing……….. the WP REST API. The WP REST API allows users to access their WordPress sites data thorough a HTTP REST API. This is very exciting and will definitely change everything!

This means that developers will have the flexibility to use WordPress and integrate other frameworks into the website such as Ruby on Rails, AngularJS etc… With the ever expanding development of the web we are hearing more and more about client side JavaScript frameworks, the introduction of WP REST API means that using client side JavaScript frameworks will be completely possible.

The flexibility of WordPress with the WP REST API will bring some very exciting new prospects to the world of development and is something that will be a great opportunity for WordPress developers.